CGs are the main vehicle to get connected here at PCC. Because discipleship is life on life in everyday life, our lives together must go beyond Sunday morning in the church walls.


CGs allow for real community, with real people stumbling forward together,sharing real life together. They allow others to see that we are ordinary people, doing ordinary things, with an intentionality of pointing to Jesus in all that we do.


Community Groups: 

Plymouth East: 2nd & 4th Sunday's @ PCC Contact Tara at for details

Plymouth West: 2nd & 4th Tuesday's @ PCC Contact Ashlee at for details

Plymouth South: 2nd & 4th Sunday's @ the Gibbon's house Contact Audrey at for details

Plymouth Northeast: 1st & 3rd Sunday's @ the Stone's house Contact Allison at for details

Plymouth Downtown: Will meet at the Ross's home. Contact Dan @

Bourbon CG:  Every Monday Contact Kara at for details

Warsaw CG:  3rd Saturday's Contact Kristi at for details